eBay Classifieds Group

David Lancelot

Head of Legal / Vice President

Started at eBay:

August 2011


San Jose, CA

As the Head of Legal for the eBay Classifieds Group, David acts as the Lead Lawyer to the global executive team. David manages a global team of lawyers based in Europe, North America and APAC. David is based at eBay’s HQ in Silicon Valley. more >>

Prior to his role as eCG Head of Legal, David worked at Baker & McKenzie, Amazon.co.uk and Discovery Networks in London. In addition, he acted as the General Counsel and Head of Government Affairs for QVC UK for nearly half a decade.

David is an alumnus of the University of Florida (both undergrad and College of Law), where he participated in an exchange program with the University of Leiden. He is a member of the FL, NY and CA Bar Associations and is an English Solicitor. He also holds an LLM from the University of London in Communications and Technology Law, and will one day finish his LLM from Santa Clara University in IP (eCommerce) law.