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“If you’re passionate about something and you work hard, you will be successful.”
– Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay

eBay Classifieds Group is always looking for high-energy, self-motivated, committed individuals who are passionate about their work. eBay Classifieds Group combines the entrepreneurial energy of a start-up with the resources and trusted leadership of a major corporation. Our culture is based on open, honest and direct communication, respect for other points of view and a spirit of fun. eBay Classifieds Group offers empowering roles worldwide with a focus on creativity, competitive pay and benefits, professional growth, and performance-focused rewards. Check out the careers we have to offer you around the world.

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eBay Classifieds Group is an innovative world-leader in online classifieds. Interested in joining the team, but want to learn more? Check out some questions and answers below! Click on the question to reveal the answers.

  1. What is the business strategy for eBay Classifieds Group?

    In 2004, eBay recognized there was room in the online marketplaces market for a more simple and fast platform, offering local abundance of goods, as well as services. This local offering, online classifieds, offers buyers great deals, local abundance of goods and ease of use. For sellers, it provides a large local audience, ease of use and low or no fees. This platform is highly complementary to eBay’s auction and fixed-price format because of the local offering. eBay started the classifieds business with its acquisition of Marktplaats in the Netherlands and continued with seven more acquisitions over the next nine years along with starting its own classifieds brands, Kijiji and eBay Kleinanzeigen. Through this acquisitive and organic growth strategy, eBay Classifieds Group has grown to be the global leader in online classifieds, with world-class horizontal and vertical classifieds sites.

  2. How big is the eBay Classifieds Group business?

    eBay Classifieds Group is an innovative leader in online classifieds, with a collection of sites that span the globe. Our unique brands — BilBasen, dba.dk, 2dehands/2ememain, eBay Kleinanzeigen, Gumtree, Kijiji, Marktplaats.nl, mobile.de, Motors.co.uk, and Vivanuncios — offer online classifieds in more than 1,000 cities around the world.

  3. What is the culture like?

    The culture is vibrant, with a full kaleidoscope of people and identities. The business is a growing, evolving and expanding business that thrives on creativity, innovation, honesty and success.

  4. How does eBay Classifieds Group interact with the eBay Inc. business?

    eBay Classifieds Group is a part of eBay Inc., the largest online marketplace in the world. eBay Inc. consists of ecommerce sites such as eBay.com, Stubhub, Shopping.com, as well as a collection of classifieds sites ( BilBasen, dba.dk, 2dehands/2ememain, eBay Kleinanzeigen, Gumtree, Kijiji, Marktplaats.nl, mobile.de, Motors.co.uk, and Vivanuncios).

    eBay Inc. allows each of its businesses the freedom and resources needed to succeed. eBay Classifieds Group prides itself as being one of the fastest growing business units within eBay Inc, and owes much of this success to functioning much like a start-up company. The freedom that eBay Inc. allows the Classifieds Group has resulted in fast growth, nimble operations and creative innovation. At the same time, with the largest online marketplace backing the business, eBay Classifieds Group benefits from technology sharing and support services from eBay Inc.