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With mobile.de in Germany and automobile.it in Italy, eBay Classifieds Group sports two leading European online marketplaces for vehicles. With upwards of 16 million unique visitors per month (per AGOF internet facts) and more 1,5 million vehicles listed on the site, mobile.de is the most popular vehicle market in Germany. The site features the largest range of cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles (source: Center Automotive Research). Sellers advertising their vehicles on mobile.de can reach out to customers all over Germany and internationally. The wide selection of new and used vehicles and the coverage achieved by mobile.de ensure a balance between supply and demand and lead to a high rate of successful sales. mobile.de is designed for both private customers and professional vehicle dealers. More than 40,000 dealers in Germany use the vehicle marketplace. mobile.de also helps its users find financing and insurance deals and it offers highly efficient online advertising options.

In Italy, automobile.it is one of the fastest growing marketplaces for buyers and sellers of vehicles, as it continues to delight its users with an ever-improving customer experience, both for private customers as well as for professional sellers and advertisers.

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