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Denmark’s #1 Online Vehicle Marketplace

Our story begins in 1989, when a clever man working out of a basement created a magazine that contained nothing but classified ads for vehicles. As price-conscious Danes, we loved the concept, and Bil Markedet became a household word.

In 1998, Bil Markedet partnered with DBA — Denmark’s biggest classifieds site — and went online as BilBasen. With innovative software that let dealers upload their ads to the Internet, BilBasen became a huge success, and in 2008 it became part of eBay.

Bilinfo provides 98 percent of Danish car dealers, in addition to insurance and financial companies, with IT programs and support to use with BilBasen. In addition, BilBasen also acquired a Mascus license in 2007 for the Danish market in order to operate its marketplace. Mascus is the largest marketplace in Europe for buying and selling used machinery and equipment, including tractors, trailers and trucks.

Today, BilBasen is the number one site for cars in Denmark attracting more than 600,000 visitors each month. Besides the monthly +45,000 listings on the website BilBasen offers everything a vehicle buyer, seller or petrol head needs including video ads, a buyer’s forum, a Facebook page with daily updates and discussions, and state of the art mobile apps.

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