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It was 1997 when 2dehands was created in a student home. A couple of young guys thought it would be a good idea to create a website to sell their second hand computer pieces and buy things other people didn’t need or want anymore. Today, 2dehands and 2ememain are not only about computers; cars, clothes, items for babies and children, construction material and furniture are the most popular categories. Anything second hand you can imagine is for sale at the biggest and most popular online market in Belgium.

Since 2010, 2dehands and 2ememain is the Belgian market leader in online classifieds with more than 6.4 million monthly unique visitors and more than 4 million listings.

The interest of our visitors is always the highest priority. Every decision that has been made, whether about functionality, commerce or marketing; the needs of our visitors comes first. Our commitment to our visitors has helped us to gain a position in the top 3 most popular websites in Belgium.

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