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Kijiji Taiwan

Kijiji is Taiwan’s largest online classifieds! Using mobile app is the most convenient and simplest way to search for local deals. Our listings include apartments for rent and sale, used cars, part-time jobs, interior decorating services, babysitting services, and second hand goods such as furniture, home appliances, electronics, mobile phones, and bicycles.

  • > Browse by category and narrow down results using keywords or attributes such as neighborhood, price, and date of your ad posted
  • > Synchronize your watch list between the App and the Kijiji website
  • > Contact the seller via phone, e-mail or text message
  • > Posting an ad is really easy – fill in some details, take a few pictures, and you are done. Fast and free!
  • > Login to your Kijiji account to manage and edit all the ads you have previously posted on the Kijiji Taiwan website

Countries Supported: Taiwan
Languages Supported: Traditional Chinese

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