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  • > Close 5 users can sign up quickly through Facebook, but their full identity is always protected.
  • > Sell quick and for free - Create a free, classified listing in under 30 seconds. It’s that easy.
  • > Buy locally and securely, and with tons of categories and listings, you can find just about anything on Close5 from Facebook verified users.
  • > Close 5 brings together buyers and sellers within a 5 mile radius.
  • > A safer way to buy and sell - users are verified as real through Facebook, and profiles give you more information on who you’re meeting with
  • > Secure messaging - keep your email and phone number private. All messaging is securely handled and moderated through the app.
  • > Fastest way to post - no descriptions required! You can post an ad with just a photo and title.
  • > Customer Service support - we’re here to help. Just contact us through the app if you need support or help.
  • > Easier negotiation - place offers on product or receive offers. Makes the negotiation process smooth and easy between buyers and sellers.

Countries Supported: USA
Languages Supported: English

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