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What is Gumtree?

Gumtree was founded in 2000 as a community site in London to help Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans find a place to stay, a job, and everything one needs to settle in, including furniture and new friends. The expats liked the idea so much, they started Gumtree sites in their own countries. Meanwhile, the London site became the city’s most popular online classifieds.

In 2005, Gumtree became part of eBay. Today, we’re the leading classifieds site in the U.K., Australia, South Africa and Singapore. We’re also in Hong Kong and major cities in New Zealand and Poland.

The Gumtree spirit remains cheerfully local and filled with passion — for some, the passion is driven by the uniqueness of the platform, for most it is the power of the platform to fulfill the core need of finding immediate value across a range of categories – goods, jobs, cars and more. Our user base is diversifying, geographically beyond the main cities, and broadening beyond its antipodean roots. In the UK alone, we have 10m+ unique visitors to our site every month.

At A Glance
By the Numbers: 
No. 1 classifieds site in the U.K., Australia, South Africa and Singapore
More than 14 million unique visitors* monthly
Boasts 4.5 million live listings
Nearly 200,000 new ads daily
More than 1.5 billion page views per month
Founded 2000 in London
Originally targeted to expatriate community of Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans
By 2005, additional sites in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland and South Africa
Acquired by eBay in 2005
Content & Users: 
U.K., Ireland, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore
Strongest categories include housing, jobs, goods, services and motors

Team Spotlight

  • Paolo
    Head of Product & Innovation
    Primarily, bring innovation to the platform and team, in many ways: improved UEX, new functionality, new PD processes, new architectures, etc.
    Many, but the most exciting one, was building eBay Anuncios, a new home grown platform for classifieds in Spain. This new platform was built from scratch in a little less than two months by my development team and myself... it was a lot of sleepless nights for the three of us, but in the end we were able to deliver a feature rich product with good stuff under the hood. One of the best projects of my whole career.
    The team. It's a great group of people, totally focused and devoted to succeed at doing their job in the best way. This definitely exceeded my expectations of what a good working environment could be.
    Many, but actually the most amazing one was asking the community to help save a life and see how they reacted immediately to make a person's life a lot better. That day I realized what a community truly means: It has nothing to do with having a discussion board or community flagging, but it's all about the people in it and how they interact. You just try to make their stay nice on your site.
    I get the best of both worlds: On the one side I get all the benefits of working on a small team where you have visibility to the whole business, and on the other side, you get the benefits of working for a big company where you have a lot of things to leverage and share.
    Coming from my own web solutions company I wanted to work in a place that would have a small team so I could learn a lot from the different parts of the business (as I was used to). Classifieds was at that point at its beginnings as an entrepreneurial company, so I figured I was in the right moment to learn how to take a company through the tough process of becoming a more organized place. It has been a great journey so far.
    First of all, because the team I work with every day is great, and then because the whole Classifieds business unit is a great place where people, learning and (of course) targets are the highest priorities.
  • Nathan
    Dev Manager
    We are currently migrating our 10 year old legacy code base to a speedy new platform that will really help to give the product a bit more zip!
    We just launched a new mobile site - another first for Gumtree! It is getting some good traction with our user base, which is great!
    The amount of potential there is for growth and product improvement
    Watching the response time of our location landing pages drop by over 50% when we migrated the page to the new platform.
    Being able to work with and hire great people.
    I wanted to work for a web based company that had strong potential for growth and where I could really make a difference in terms of the technology and product.
    Because it doesn’t feel like work!
  • Sam
    Head of Brand and Communications, UK
    This is a hugely exciting time to be working at Gumtree. We’re fresh out of a major platform migration, and can now fix and improve 1000 things to make our product better. But personally, I want to tell the world about Gumtree, and to make them love our brand. So in my role I get to cover all the customer touch points, including advertising, PR and social media, the way we describe things on site and the various emails we send to customers… The list is endless – there’s the challenge!
    Earlier this year we launched some great new TV advertising that has really helped us to grow the traffic onsite. We’ve seen lots of new and returning visitors off the back of our media spend, which gives us great confidence for the future. Plus, the ads look great.
    The freedom we have to make things better. The management team trust us to do great work, and are very supportive.
    An excellent 2-day induction to eCG at the offices of Marktplaats in Amsterdam. And any lunchtime when the sun is shining. In the UK office, we’re lucky enough to be right next to the River Thames, so as soon as the sun comes out, we’re picnicking on the grass!
    A monthly ‘All Hands’ meeting, where we look at business performance as a company, and then enjoy a free bar. A great chance to relax and hang out with the ever-expanding team.
    For the challenge. We’re a small brand, but with lots of potential to grow. The product will get better, the brand can get better – I’m expecting a long but profitable journey!
    We’re a pretty small company with the ability to create our own future. But we’ve also got all the support and expertise (and nice offices!) - that comes with being part of the powerhouse eBay group.
  • Baris
    Head of Customer Support and Trust & Safety
    Personal growth never stops and with the guidance of great leaders in eCG I am refining my management and leadership skills to be a respected individual across eBay
    Quite a few events that I was part of: Gumtree Yoga 3 years in a row, Gumtree drinks nights with the community at the Occidental Hotel, Gumtree Trivia Night, Gumtree City to Surf, Transition from Gumtree UK platform to Kijiji Global Platform and transition from Kijiji Global to recent Box.
    Being part of such a big ship (eBay) but still feeling like you’re working at a start-up where individual actions simply take the business to another level
    There’s been many: Rockpoool Bar and Grill, Icebergs at Bondi, The Pavilion at Manly, Café Sydney, Harbour jet boat ride, Harbour Sailing, Hunter Valley off-site...you can see the common theme here; fine wine, fine restaurants and fun activities with great people!
    Being surrounded by passionate people who continually push themselves to do better every time.
    I first discovered Gumtree in ZA while on a 10month around the world trip. After such a long break I thought I should start work again and luck was on my side. I responded to a job ad on Gumtree AU that required someone to grow the Gumtree AU business and that was April 2007 and the rest is history.
    Love the entrepreneurial culture that encourages to lead completely and of course the honest, fun and intelligent people that I work with.


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