Providing a simple, safe and free experience to buyers and sellers.
What is iBazar?

In April 2013, iBazar ( was launched in Mexico as a free classifieds site that enables people to list products and services for sale or trade locally and safely. iBazar’s name took inspiration from traditional bazaars, markets and tianguis that are an important part of Mexican culture. The goal is to provide a simple, safe and free experience to buyers and sellers.

One of iBazar’s key differentiators is its responsive design platform. The new platform lets users interact with the full version of the site using any device, such as smartphone, tablet, or PC, without compromising any features. Flexible images and fluid grids also size correctly to fit different screen sizes. iBazar has advanced anti-fraud systems, as well as a dedicated team of professional scam-spotters. Safety is an important priority, and iBazar is committed to providing a safe platform for online transactions, and educating users about how to stay safe online.

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Cuestión de números: 
Second largest market in Latin America
High Internet penetration
Serving over 30 major cities and states in Mexico
Launched in April 2013 in Mexico
Baazars means markets or tianguis in Mexican tradition
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Strengths across For Sale, Cars and Services categories
Intuitive platform allows quick and simple interaction between buyers and sellers
Responsive design allows users to interact with the full version of the site using any device
Flexible images and fluid grids size correctly to fit different screen sizes
Advanced anti-fraud systems
Safe and trustworthy ads

Miembros destacados del equipo

  • Moises
    Front End Software Engineer
    Responsive Design
    iBazar MX was a 3-month project and used the latest technologies.
    Working with the most hard working and savvy people in the industry.
    Being recognized as a leader in my field.
    I like the team and I always look for hard challenges.
    We get to improve the technology for many countries. Different groups like what we do. And I get to meet new people.
  • Jose
    Head of Product and Technology, eBay Classifieds Latin America
    Becoming an advocate for our users in Latin America from day one.
    I have been in awe of the confluence of cultures the team brings together successfully.
    This team inspires creativity and passion – I have been amazed by the results of our creative marketing approaches in Argentina and the magical product our engineering and product team brought to life in no time to serve our Mexican users.
    Doing what I love – empowering people in Latin America through innovation - with great people and in a fun and supportive environment.
    Using the internet as a lever for prosperity in Latin America has been a long-standing personal calling. Joining iBazar has been surreal. It has given me the chance to live my values and talents every day.
    I am flabbergasted by the entrepreneurial yet friendly spirit that brings us together to serve our users in every local market across Latin America every day.
  • Damian
    Marketing Strategist, Latin America
    Launch of Marketing campaigns with strong focus on TV & Radio. Setting up the sales team that helps us generate listings. Assist with strategy definitions for Mexico and the rest of Latin-America’s countries.
    The importance of Latin-America on eBay’s portfolio. We feel we are on a mission that is important for the company’s future.
    Getting to know the rest of the team and working on every marketing strategy from the ground up.
    The possibility of being important for the company, part of a successful team and play to win.
    This new brand was part of the expansion of Latin-America, and I felt very fortunate to have been considered for an important role in this new adventure.
    We have a great team, ambitious goals and challenges that make a professional feel constantly motivated to grow and improve.
  • Maria
    Paid Search Manager
    I worked on building up paid search from scratch for iBazar. Right now, paid search is targeting 18 categories and almost 100k keywords.
    Finding a seller who will ship to US a book for my daughter to learn Spanish and a book of modismos mexicanos to learn more about Mexico.
    Working with people with a great passion to deliver an excellent product.
    iBazar is all about product innovation and I am eager to try it for paid search mobile.
    I am a Spanish native speaker, and I love bringing my expertise in online marketing to this community.
    I love working with the team, bring my expertise to this community, and learning about the technological breakthrough responsive web design.
  • Oleg
    SEO Product Manager
    I worked on the launch of the first iBazar site and the creation of the platform that it runs on.
    My biggest surprise has been seeing how much a small and dedicated team can accomplish in just a few months.
    I joined eCG because I wanted to get back into SEO after spending some time focusing on paid search and other aspects of internet marketing. The SEO team here has a lot of great experts, so the move seemed like an excellent opportunity to hone my skills.
    I enjoy working at eCG because the group manages to combine many of the benefits associated with startups and larger companies in one package.


iBazar es una plataforma gratuita de contacto: no participa en las transacciones, no se involucra en negociaciones ni envíos.

via Twitter on 7/13/2013

Clasificados Gratis en México iBazar
Clasificados Gratuitos. Compraventa de Productos, Servicios, Vehículos, Bienes Raíces y más.

via YouTube on 4/23/2013