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Back in the late 1970s, someone had the bright idea of publishing a paper with nothing but classified ads. It was called Den Blå Avis, and Denmark loved it. Fast-forward to 1995, when the Internet was just beginning to take off. Den Blå Avis boldly launched a classifieds site ( that soon became wildly popular.

In 2008, we joined eBay. Today, DBA is the number one classifieds site in Denmark with more than 14 million visits a month and 1.2 million users. The simple format of DBA makes it incredibly easy for users to buy or sell just about anything from smart phones, design furniture, branded kid’s clothing or even finding the perfect house or flat anywhere in Denmark. There are always 1 million different listings to choose from on the website.

DBA is accessible from both a computer and iPhone.

At A Glance
By the Numbers: 
No. 1 classifieds site in Denmark
More than 14 million visits per month
More than 180 million page views per month
Attracts more than one million unique visitors each month
Almost one million live listings
Close to 7 million items sold on DBA on a yearly basis
Approximately 15 % of total traffic stems from mobile (mobile web or the DBA App)
Den Blå Avis classifieds newspaper founded in 1981
DBA launched in 1995 by Den Blå Avis A/S
Acquired by eBay in 2008
Content & Users: 
Dozens of listing areas
Primary strengths: Clothing, Computers, Smart Phones, Housing & Garden.
Average user spends 71 minutes per month on the site

Team Spotlight

  • Erik
    Sales Manager, Online
    I am always seeking new challenges. Working abroad has also crossed my mind.
    It was really great when we enhanced the MC dealer’s growth online. Also, after eBay bought, it was and still is very cool to be a part of the shaping of the new
    The biggest surprise was that there was such a great and informal environment and a lot of focus on socializing with colleagues.
    First and foremost when eBay bought That was a great day. But on a more personal level, I would say when I got promoted to Sales Manager.
    I can sell my stuff free at and of course the fabulous lunch each day.
    It seemed like a good company for career opportunities. I thought was the place to develop my skills as a salesman and later on as a manager.
    It turned out that really had some great career opportunities and I always like challenges, It has really fulfilled my expectations.
  • Soeren
    Business Development
    I would like to obtain expert knowledge within certain areas of running a site like this. Also the economy behind the site interests me.
    Optimizing the search, the “bump up” and the optimizing of the top ads.
    The time and effort that is required to run and optimize a site like
    The launching of the “bump up” option – it seems to be a success.
    The canteen.
    I have always wanted to work for a major website. You can really make a difference at considering the many users.
    You get a lot of responsibility and opportunity to make a difference.
  • Anders
    Graphic Designer
    I always aim at developing myself personally and professionally. And I try to be a good multi-tasker and a good executer.
    The process going from a priced paper to a paper free of charge gave a lot of cool assignments.
    The difference in the line of work – not one day is alike!
    To see how a lot of my colleagues have developed since they started working at DBA and how they have had a tremendous positive impact on the company.
    Our social activities. Personally, it means a lot to socialize with my colleagues and spending time together that is not work-related.
    I had some personal qualities that were beneficial to the company. In addition, I got to enhance my competencies as well.
    The informal and friendly tone between colleagues, managers, and directors. Also, there is often a lot of exciting stuff going on in the house.
  • Lene
    Head of Customer Support
    To make a positive difference to our users when providing them with technical support and customer service.
    Implementing customer service on social media and on our forum for feedback – two very exciting channels of communication.
    The overall high priority of our users and customer service. As a support team, this means that we have a committed team that is able to work hard on giving our users the best possible service. As a result most of our users are happy with the service.
    The opportunities in being a part of an international company like eBay. You get to meet with colleagues from all over the world and share knowledge and experiences.
    That you have so much personal freedom as long as you show integrity and responsibility.
    I chose to return to DBA after 5 years in another company. I am very fond of the organizational culture and I feel a strong commitment to this company.
    Freedom to act, a lot of fantastic colleagues and opportunities you will not find anywhere else.
  • Silas
    Product Manager DBA
    For me it is about developing. I always aim at developing myself, obtaining new knowledge and improving my skills. I think it is important to have goals!
    Without a doubt the implementation of a click-based type of advertising on DBA. I have had the pleasure of working together eBay departments from various countries. That gave me a lot experience.
    I was surprised how social eBay is. There are so many social activities and great ways of getting to know one another – also on a more personal level!
    When my manager got me and a colleague nominated for a Purple Star Award for a project we worked hard on. I did not know she had done it, so that was a pleasant surprise.
    I get to pursue the projects I find interesting and get to work with a lot of really talented people who can give me constructive criticism. It is also worth mentioning that we have an excellent canteen.
    I was looking for new opportunities after having my own business and DBA seemed like a place that could offer me good possibilities of having a career in a company with great potential.
    I get to decide which direction I want to take my career and that I like. There is a lot of freedom under responsibility which is a necessity for me.


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Sidste dag hvor vi alle er samlet inden sommerferien starter – Vi er dog mange som stadig sidder parate til at hjælpe dig hen over sommeren!

Rigtig go´ weekend – og sommer – til alle fra DBA Support team

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