"Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds"
-Colin Powell



eBay Classifieds Group is always looking for high-energy, self-motivated, committed individuals who are passionate about their work. Our team members enjoy a challenging environment that places the highest value on innovation, accountability and playing to win. eBay Classifieds Group combines the entrepreneurial energy of a start-up with the resources and trusted leadership of a major corporation. Our culture is based on open and honest communication, respect for other points of view and a spirit of fun that keeps egos in check. eBay Classifieds Group offers empowering roles worldwide with a focus on creativity, competitive pay and benefits, professional growth, and performance-focused rewards.

Who We Are

We Play to Win

We value passion, energy and commitment. We compete fiercely and we want to win, for ourselves and our users. Innovation and entrepreneurship drive that competitiveness. We are a high-performance culture. We believe in maximum accountability and high levels of autonomy.

We Tell It Like It Is

Open, direct and honest communication underpins our success. Constructive disagreement leads to better decisions; however once we decide, we commit.

We Respect People

We create a challenging environment for people where personal and professional development come hand-in-hand with great business performance. We care about each other and want to treat people the way we ourselves would like to be treated.

We Have Fun

We like to work with people who take their work seriously but not themselves; who keep their egos in check, who like to laugh frequently and who are fun to hang out with.

Employee Benefits

Culture and Leadership

  • Exciting, innovative and fun environment
  • A start-up atmosphere with corporate resources
  • Inspiring and motivating mission and ideals
  • Trusted, value-based leadership


  • Challenging and empowering roles
  • Focus on performance and behaviors
  • Tremendous opportunity for growth
  • Accountability


  • Clear line of sight to business results
  • Unique rewards and recognition
  • Goal oriented celebrations

Apply Now

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