The fastest growing local classifieds network in Latin America
What is alaMaula?

alaMaula is a network of local online classifieds sites for Spanish and Portuguese users in Latin America. Founded in late 2009 in Cordoba, Argentina, alaMaula started as one site, but rapidly expanded over the following 18 months to include country, city and vertical classifieds sites in 10 countries.  alaMaula will utilize the global network the eBay Classifieds Group provides to continue with its fast growth and innovation on its sites. 

alaMaula sites across Latin America  are a destination for people to connect and find what they need locally – goods, services, cars and more.

At A Glance
By the Numbers: 
5 million unique visitors per month (May 2011)
Triple digit year over year traffic growth
90% organic traffic
250,000 live ads (May 2011)
Founded in late 2009 in Cordoba, Argentina
Originally targeted to have one site (
In Feb 2010 a multiple site strategy began with strong SEO campaign
In Nov 2010 moved it´s platform into the cloud computing that drove an exponential traffic growth
Acquired by eBay in May 2011
Content & Users: 
76 domain sites in Latin America with country, verticals and city domains
Strongest categories are goods and cars
Dynamic, scalable and local oriented platform
The platform allows questions and comments from users

Team Spotlight

  • Diego
    General Manager, eCG Latin America
    To win as many markets as we can in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.
    I enjoy working on the strategic topics.  It was very exciting to negotiate with eCG on the acquisition of alaMaula
    To see how many things we can achieve with just a 5 person team.
    Selling our 18 month startup to eBay. Now I expect alaMaula to scale even faster.
    Working with great people in a friendly environment.  It is very dynamic and I get to meet very smart people. At the end, it is about working hard while I am having fun.
    I decided to join alaMaula because of the team.  Great people with a focus on performance and results. The project was also very interesting, because I could give my experience in scaling local business into a LatAm scope.
    Because the project allows me to think strategically and it is very scalable and dynamic. 
  • Roque
    Head of Product Development
    To make alaMaula a fast, reliable and useful classifieds network for users. Enjoy my work, improve myself, share my knowledge and have fun.
    Restructuring of the source code achieving a main core, and multiple sites that make use of the core, allowing us to have a site network schema easy to maintain. Also, an infrastructure migration from a dedicated server platform to cloud computing platform.
    I definitely think the growth that alaMaula achieved in a short period of time thanks to the shift to cloud computing infrastructure.
    Have been acquired by eBay and meet a lot of incredible people from the ebay family willing to share knowledge and help us.
    Working with people who became friends, and face challenges with them. I feel an important part of the team as well as the others guys.
    All of us founders of alaMaula had different experiences working with all types of clients and achieved very good results for them. We decided to start our own site putting all of our experiences into practice, so we created alaMaula. That is why I am here today.
    alaMaula is our baby and as a good father, we enjoy working here and take care of our "son".
  • Matias
    Web Developer
    Bring all my knowledge to achieve a reliable website that provides users with a good experience. Keep improving to make it usable, accessible and above all easy for users. Keep learning and improving myself.
    Restructuring of the site with CSS, XHTML optimizations to improve reading in search engines. Creating templates for alaMaula sites, local and vertical sites. I was responsible for creating a nice and simple look and feel for the sites, for ease of use.
    The biggest surprise was the great growth we had in this short time of work as well as the dedication of my colleagues allowing us to adapt to this explosive growth.
    The strong growth was the most amazing.  We had moderate growth until we changed the server that brought us large growth in a short period of time. There I was focused on optimizing the site (HTML, CSS and Images) because the demand was higher and we had to allow users to navigate as fast as possible.
    The confidence that the team had in me and how easy it is to communicate with them. I feel that each of us has a role and we do well at it.  It makes me happy to go to work every day.
    I decided to work at AlaMaula from the end of 2009 and since have been dedicated entirely to this project.  It was an interesting challenge because we had the opportunity to grow a site from nothing and learn a lot out of this process.
    I have learned many things so far and I can continue to learn much more with alaMaula. I'm also very happy to work with the team.
  • Jorge
    Site Operation Director
    My main goal at alaMaula is to continue deploying our system in all of Latin America and improve the user experience. Our philosophy is to be local everywhere and we must be where the user is.
    I think my most awesome experience was the server migration to Elastic Cloud Computing. It was a hard and intense job where we left our dear server for a cloud computing solution of 30 servers.
    The growth. I never thought we would grow so much in so little time.
    Working with a great team where I could see entrepreneurial spirit and focus can move mountains.
    We are a small team and I had the opportunity to participate in all areas of the business, such as programmer, lawyer, administrator, legal, etc. For me, it was great to work on a project where you can know everything about the business.
    We started as a team to work in different startups since 2006. After creating a software factory and an ecommerce online agency we decided to focus on creating our own product, alaMaula.
    Because it is a constant challenge for us. From the first day to now, we had to resolve all kinds of situations with a very small and complementary team (5 people).
  • Guillermo
    Head of Marketing and Affiliates
    To open and be successful in markets throughout Latin America.
    There were many important projects. It was very challenging to  generate the product´s architecture,branding, SEO, etc ...
    From one day to the next everyone I knew told me they sold goods on alaMaula.
    The most amazing experience was seeing the growth of the network in such a short period of time.
    The interdisciplinary collaboration that exists in all members of alaMaula.
    alaMaula is a product that we created and saw it grow as entrepreneurs.  We now have the opportunity to move to another level with all the support and knowledge of eCG
    All the time there are challenges and new goals to achieve.  Routine does not exist!


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